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Certified Nurse Psychotherapist

Certified in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing (C)anada

Holly Busi (Sexton) is a Registered Nurse and a graduate of McMaster University with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. She has a specialization in Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing and a certification in Nurse Psychotherapy. She has been working as a nurse since 2013 and has always had a passion for mental health.


Holly specializes in adults struggling with anxiety and mood disorders. 


Taking the leap to engage in the counselling process can be difficult. I am here to assist you in navigating the difficult parts of life. Life can toss so many things our way and it can be difficult to manage. Many of the clients that I assist are dealing with anxiety, depression, breakdowns in relationships, feelings of burn out, stress and anger. My goal for all of my clients is to feel empowered to take back control of their emotions and explore the discomforts of vulnerability in a safe and judgement free space.

Using a client - centred, trauma informed approach I support my clients uniquely due to my educational background and almost a decade of experience in mental health. Being a Registered Nurse, CPMHN (C) & Nurse Psychotherapist (Qualifying) allows me to support clients from a truly holistic approach offering a truly specialized experience.

AGE: 18+


In- Person & Virtual Options Available


$130.00 / 50 Min Session 
$175.00 / 75 Min Session

$195.00/ 90 Min Session

Individual psychotherapy offers a supportive and transformative space for individuals to navigate life's complexities, heal emotional wounds, and cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself. By fostering self-awareness, resilience, and empowerment, therapy facilitates meaningful change and the pursuit of a more fulfilling life.


$175.00 / 75 Mins

$250.00/ 90 Mins

Family psychotherapy offers a collaborative and holistic approach to addressing relational challenges and promoting family well-being. By recognizing and addressing the interconnectedness of family dynamics, therapy facilitates positive changes that benefit individuals and the family unit as a whole.


$175.00 / 75 Mins 
$225.00 / 90 Mins

Couples psychotherapy provides a safe and supportive environment for partners to navigate challenges, deepen understanding, and cultivate healthier relationships. Offering evidence-based interventions tailored to your unique needs, guiding you both towards greater communication, connection, and lasting fulfillment in your relationship.

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