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Naturopathic Doctor

Now accepting new patients at Metanoia Health & Wellness. 

Thank you for visiting. On this page you will find what has driven me to become a naturopath, my credentials and a list of conditions I typically tend to treat.


During university, I started working at nutrition stores and resonated with a more proactive and preventive approach to health. I liked the idea that I could augment my health with therapies that are readily available. It was also during this time that I realized most people walking in didn’t want to buy anything - they wanted a solution to a problem. Having a scientific background and wanting to progress further into alternative medicine, I decided to become a naturopath. 

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at the University of Windsor. Two years later I applied to the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and obtained my Doctor of Naturopathy degree. You can find my qualifications and affiliations below. 

These are some of the more common conditions. There are so many more, and so much that naturopathic therapies can help with. Feel free to book a free 15 minute consultation so you can find out how. 

Dr. Natasha's Credentials

Doctor of Naturopathy, Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

Bachelor of Human Kinetics (Hons.), University of Windsor

Dr. Natasha’s Professional Affiliations

Member of College of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO)


As a naturopath, I am typically drawn to and treat the following conditions:

Digestive concerns: IBS, chronic constipation, GERD, ulcerative colitis

Chronic pain management: diabetic neuropathy, low back pain, arthritis

Hormonal concerns: menopause, irregular periods, PMS, PCOS, prenatal and postnatal care

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