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Yoga Class


with Sarah McGregor

Yoga is a holistic/healing practice that unites the body, mind, and spirit through physical postures, breath control, and meditation. Any body type can do yoga, booking yoga with me will support you finding your authentic self. Feeling more peaceful, mindful, and a sense of knowing your body, mind, and soul.

Meditation involves cultivating a mindful awareness, through focused attention or breath, to attain a state of mental clarity, inner calm, and a state of mindfulness. In this meditation space mental work can be done using the subconscious part of the brain. There are many ways to meditate. Meditation is incredibly diverse, with numerous approaches, and there's no singular method. It is as unique as the individual who engages in the practice, allowing for a personalized and varied experience.

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60 Minutes / $40.00 

This one to one session focuses on physical postures and breathing techniques to bring the body to a resting state.  It's a gentle mindful practice that is suitable for all levels. I combine the poses with breathing exercises to promote physical strength, flexibility and relaxation.  It's a great way to improve body awareness, supports mental health and well-being.


60 Minutes / $75.00

This one to one session includes a sequence of  dynamic and vigorous style which focuses on flexibility, strength, and breath control.  It typically involves continuous movement through a series of poses, flowing from one pose to the next pose. This is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that stimulates positive brain chemicals and hormones out of the body to flow and decrease anxiety, depression and leave you feeling alive and well!


60 Minutes / $55.00

This one to one session involves balanced practice that combines the benefits of strength, flexibility, and relaxation using different asana’s and yoga breathing techniques, which helps warm up and energize  the body/mind/spirit. Mainly working the lower part of the body – the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine.


60 Minutes / $85.00

This one to one session is a passive, meditative form of yoga that allows you to focus on your breathing, and using the breathe to release tension in your mind/body/spirit. Unlike other forms of yoga, this yoga requires you to hold asanas or poses for an extended length of time.


60 Minutes / $85.00

90 Minutes / $130.00

This one to one session is guided. Meditation as a mind and body practice focused on interactions between the brain, mind, body, and behavior, containing key elements: no distractions, a comfortable posture, practicing mindfulness, and it opens the mind, to show ourselves we can heal ourselves with the right self care tools.


Pricing Varies 

Couples Meditation or yoga nurtures intimacy and empathy between people. If we meditate with the conscious intention to benefit our partner, we're placing a deliberate focus on their well-being. By nurturing the sense of connectedness between each other, we cultivate compassion and awareness of their breath together, sending both partners a deeper appreciation and understanding by connecting through meditation. 

All of the above variations of yoga and meditation can also be done in small groups with a discount per person. Small groups up to 4 people are able to be accommodated. 

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